Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Choosing a Theme for Your Blog

What kind of Blog do you want? Is it a personal Blog? A blog that diaries your life? What is your target group? Is it a niche? Is it a hobby blog? A blog on cos-play and the costumes? A blog on peers who have BGR issues? A blog for students to share their stress and worries?

To bring traffic to your blog - meaning for a consistent readership...your blog must be uniqe. It must have good substance, useful information that readers can read and learn.

To come up with another blog of a similar kind to your friends' is a waste of time. There are millions of the same blogs out there. Do look out for website like technorati.com and you will be able to explore what kind of blogs are commonly out there and which are the more uniqe ones.

Do spend time to think about what I have just said. I have a friend who has a blog on bonsai plants and another friend has a gold-fish blog. So what is yours?


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