Friday, August 18, 2006

Adding Content that is Close to Your Heart

Blogging is writing diary. Just like writing a diary, it takes discipline to write everyday. Many times when I see people's blog, the entries are random. Some write everyday, then stopped for many days and write again. Some put about 3 entries per day and find that it is too tedious and gave up. Others were very enthusiatic initially and lost the flame over some time.

To enjoy blogging, write something that you believe you want to share. Write something that you want to tell the world, provided it is legal, moral and ethnical. Write something that can push you to write more everyday. Write something that you want to write which is the first thing you do in the morning and last thing you must do at night.

It is a long journey. Readers wil get addicted to your blog and want to read more. And so they will want to read your post regularly. Reading blogs may make them feel relaxed, or feel they want to know more and know what and when is the next post.

Readers once find a favourite blog will seldom let go. They will always want to be updated by your posts. Once your posting stops, your readers will stop coming back too.

So spend sometime to think of something that you will write for at least 1 year. Before you can launch your blog, post at least 10 to 15 postings so your readers will have substance materials (good quality information) that they can read and that can keep them thinking after logging off their computer. Blog something your readers can relate to. This is called quality blogging. Don't just blog for the money. Blog because you believe in sharing your ideas to the world. So Good Luck! :p


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