Friday, August 18, 2006

Sign Up for Blogger's Account to Start Earning Money

Sign up for a free Blogger's account to start earning money!!!

Your blog can be added with Google Adsense that is "pay per click". It means if your viewer clicks on the ads displayed on your blog, you will get money rolling into your account with Google. At the end of every month, a cheque will be mailed to you!!!

To learn more about Adsense, go to

To sign up for a blog, go to

Choose a name for your blog. For example, you like beads, you can called it for etc. One example is a jewellery blog that I have come across

Spend a day or two to think of what your blog going to be like. It needs a theme if you want to be focused. I know you to want to sign up now. Yes, you can. Do spend some time to think about what theme your blog is going to have.


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