Saturday, August 19, 2006

Is Your Blog Reader-friendly?

Is your Blog eye-catching? Is there too many words with no pictures? Is your information easy to read?...

When I do a Blog to attract readers, the first question that I asked myself is what do I want if I'm the reader.

Here are some of my conclusions:
  1. I think the words must be big enough to read, preferably black and the font is a common font so all PCs can recognise.
  2. Images are welcomed, but too much such that they become too overwhelming.
  3. Does the image serve a purpose? If not, don't put at all?
  4. Is the header eye-catching? Does it make the reader want to read on?
  5. Is the sub-header of a different colour? (if not, it will be a sea of block-colored words)
  6. Is the sub-header eye-catching?

These are some of my basic considerations. Next, once the blog is up with 10 posts or more, I will discuss some of the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It means making your blog known to the internet-users.


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