Monday, August 28, 2006

Sorry for the delay

Hi, It has been quite some time I have last blogged about how to make money from the internet. The reason is crawlers identify my blog as a spam blog. I was like HUH?

What it actually meant is there are crawlers cralwing all over the internet. They will check your website and taking down notes. So does I think how it works is there is software out there to create tens or even hundred of fake blogs. So I think these are done by the spammers.

So might have msitaken mine as a fake blog and freeze my posting. That means I can't post anything at all since my last posting.

The interesting thing is people did email me asking me to form a business partnership of internet marketing. I really feel honoured and as I consider myself still very green. But I will still try my best!!! My goal is to get at least 10,000 views per day for my wedding blog: So Ganbatte!!!


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